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schizophrenix's Journal

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Jen da blenda
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200 cigarettes, adult swim, adventure, anime, bad brains, beastie boys, beatles, beavis and butthead, benny hill, big pun, biggie smalls, billy corgan, bob marley, bongs, booze, brad nowell, bronx, bustin' rhymes, caffiene, california, calvin and hobbes, capcom, cats, chinese food, chocobos, christina ricci, christmas, cigs, coca cola, cowboy bebop, cranberries, crossword puzzles, cruel intentions, daft punk, dave navarro, dragonball, drawing, dub, empire records, everclear, final fantasy, friends, george carlin, getting drunk, ghost world, girl interrupted, gran theft auto, grunge, guitars, guns, guys, heath ledger, holden caulfield, hole, honeymooners, internet, jackass, jane's addiction, jesus, jim carry, john leguizamo, john lennon, johnny cash, johnny depp, journals, kings, kissing, kmfdm, krs one, kurt cobain, layne staley, leonardo dicaprio, lil kim, liquor, looney tunes, lou dog, love letters, mad tv, madonna, manhattan, memories, molly shannon, moogles, muppets, mutts, nirvana, nostalgia, outlaw star, pearl jam, pixies, placebo, project a-ko, puppies, radiohead, rancid, random, rap, red hot chili peppers, remy ma, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, roseanne, sailing, scott weiland, scrabble, screaming trees, silverchair, slightly stoopid, smashing pumpkins, snl, sonic youth, soundgarden, st. patrick's day, stone temple pilots, street fighter, sublime, summer, tenchi muyo, the adolescents, the beach, the brave little toaster, the craft, the descendents, the rain, the wedding singer, thom yorke, thursday, thurston moore, tim armstrong, toejam and earl, tom green, traveling, trunks, tv, video games, video taping, weed, weezer, weird al yankovich, welcome to the dollhouse, x-men

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