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10th-Apr-2017 04:18 pm - always miss you

i feel so guilty. it'll be 4 years since you left in 2013.

I can still write to you. I'm sorry I never visit you. I should bring you a souvenir back from my vacation. I'm visiting Arizona and California to see Jesse in May!
Very excited. It'll be the first time I fly all by myself lol I sound so young writing that line, but I'll be 28 this month. Having a house party at my apartment. Did I mention I moved out? Woodlawn is a decent place to live, but it's not really fun to walk or bike around aimlessly like in Throggs Neck. City Island is so far away now. I'll get the hang of it I guess.
12th-Apr-2016 09:54 am(no subject)

I think the last thing Jesse saw of me in person was my buttcrack lol because i'm a fat piece of shit wearing tight jeans. Today he makes his journey. He picked me up from my house and took me to the train just so we could say goodbye and good luck. I know he'll make it. Almost 20 years of knowing each other and he's leaving. I told him I wasn't sad he was leaving, but sad that I wasn't. We kissed goodbye on the cheek and hugged and I was getting weepy. Take care was all that was exchanged. I will miss him, but it's time to move and look forward.

31st-Mar-2016 01:32 pm(no subject)

You'll have to bug Roxanne if anything happens to me if you really wanna pry!
22nd-Dec-2006 10:18 am(no subject)
hey hey hey hey hey hey pick it up pick it up pick it up hey pick it up hey pick it up hey hey huuh huuh hey huuh hey RIGHT!

can you say that really fast? brad could. why do all the talented people diiie?
13th-Dec-2006 09:35 pm - just a fucking little...
Shouldn't be afraid of getting into FIT. If i stay afraid, then it won't be accomplished.
Shit's in January. I can do it.

Uhhh does anyone wanna buy me some paint?
12th-Dec-2006 09:17 pm(no subject)
So far in life I've learned the following:
*You must sell yourself to survive.
*You must not let anyone take anything of your's to use for their own survival.
*You must let people in, but must not let them get out...otherwise they'll be winning.
*You must be yourself, for you're trapped in that body. Nobody else's.
*You must learn to deal with people, but you must also learn to deal with loneliness.

*You have to be strong in either your head or your fist. Nowadays, the head's in the lead.

*You can hold on to the past, but you can't linger in it. Overcome it.
*You can look forward to the future, but you can't let it scare you. Overcome it.
*You can waste time now, but you can't get that time back.
*You can always change, but you can't change what was already done.
*You can forget, you can even forgive, but you can never tell what anyone else actually feels inside. You'll never be able to truly understand a person's being, because you can't literally get inside their heads. No matter how much a person "expresses" themselves.
*You can make generalizations, but stereotypes are no longer the way to go.

*You will never be perfect. No matter how pretty you are, you've got flaw. If you're ugly, chances are, you're a really nice person. (Generalizing...)
*You will deny, lie, cheat, steal...etc. At some point in time.
*You will meet many people--dicks and pussies.
*You will fall in love.
*You will make unchangeable mistakes.
*You will hate.
*You will die.

Just stating the obvious I guess....
12th-Dec-2006 08:59 pm(no subject)
Querida mi amiga,
Yo estoy en Argentina con mi familia. Nosotros estamos en Buenos Aires, la capital. Es muy bonita. Hay gente de España, Italia y otros países europeos aquí. Comimos especialidades comidas de España y Italia. Mi favorito es chicharron con arroz y habichuelas. Argentina tiene muchas playas. Ayer, fuimos a la playa. Era perfecto. El agua y tiempo era poco caliente. Manaña iremos bailando el Tango. Usted lo amaría aquí.
Hasta luego! Mucho amor, Jennifer
5th-Dec-2006 04:27 pm(no subject)
it's the most wonderful time of the year! and ain't it the truth. i feel that christmas hype. it's in the air. but, when it ends it's a let down. then we just look forward to the summer. i think when snow arrives it'll make things a little more insulated causing warmth! i'm not talking blizzards here. i'm talking about the first fall of snow, where it's all pretty and white and calm.

okay i gotta work on my portfolio!!
i need art supplies! fuck i think the date for it is sooner than christmas, though!

30th-Nov-2006 10:48 pm(no subject)
the journal looks nifty :D

i wish to lose laziness.
and weight.

me - fat + assertiveness = amazinggg.

oh and

me + money = all i want because i don't have it.

frrrrrrriday manana woooooop.
21st-Nov-2006 10:01 pm(no subject)


it's no big deal, really.
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